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Lake Sebu Zipline ~ the Highest Zipline in Southeast Asia

Municipality of Lake Sebu
Our souvenir shots in Lake Sebu Zipline ~ highest zipline in Asia.
Zipline became one of the most popular and most commercialized attractions nowadays; I know that you agree with me in that notion at some point (hehehe!). Wherever we go especially those cities and provinces that develop ecotourism they usually have one. They may have the same exhilarating ride but the sole difference is the surrounding that engulfs the whole zip experience. Other’s may say that it’s just an ordinary superman or fox ride but for most who are not use to it, it was one unforgettable journey to conquer. I am not really a big fun of it because I am afraid of heights really, but that change drastically when we tried the Lake Sebu’s zipline adventure.

Balong in front of the Seven Waterfalls Park. The entrance fee is only PHP 25 for adult and PHP 5 for kids.
Actually, when Balong and I went to Tagaytay, there is one zipline in Picnic Groove to try if you wanted to. You’ll not just like the thrilling trip but you’ll enjoy the magnificent natural landscape that surrounds Tagaytay Lake particularly the serenity of Taal Volcano. Too bad because we haven’t tried it ourselves but from the station of the zipline you’ll see the same panoramic view as well.  Eden Nature Park in Davao City is another zipline to take pleasure in. If you haven’t seen Mt. Apo yet for real, then this is the best opportunity as you’ll see the enduring icon of Davao from this trip. Mt. Apo is not just named as the highest active volcano in the Philippines but it is also the sanctuary of Philippines Eagle or popularly known as Monkey-eating eagle.  It’s a bit far from the city center but it’s one of the best eco-resorts to visit and they have wide varieties of orchids, a mini zoo, and lots of amenities to enjoy that suits your need.

My family @ Hikong Alu meaning 'passage falls'. Missing you guys.... :(
Finally, the zipline located in MOA (Mall of Asia). You may wonder why I included MOA? Simply because it is not just one of the biggest shopping mall in Asia but also considered as the best place to enjoy Manila’s finest sunset view ever. We visited MOA two years ago and I don’t know if there are current changes in there but the zipline at the back is one of the popular attractions to splurge in. It’s way too smaller than Lake Sebu but to witness the bird's eye view of the best sunset in the boulevard is another story to share.

I forgot to ask what is her name but she is beautiful, ayt? hehehehe... She is the guardian of Hikong Alu.
Personally, nothing compares with the zipline in Lake Sebu. If you’re an adventurer or just mere visitors like we are then you need to fly to General Santos City to experience this. From General Santos City, take a bus to Koronadal City known as Marbel for an hour trip and only cost you around PHP 120++ for an airconditioned bus. When you reach Marbel take another bus to Surallah where there is a minivan that will direct you straight to Lake Sebu town. You’ll not spend more than PHP 500 on your way here except if you wanted to have special trip from Surallah to Lake Sebu. Be prepared to be captivated by the beauty on your way here as it is an attraction in itself as mountain ranges, farms and rivers can be seen on both sides of the road. The natural tropical breeze is really astounding!!!

Lake Sebu Zipline Booth. You need to fill the waiver then register your name and paid the PHP 250.
When you reached the municipality, ask the locals where the Seven Waterfalls Falls Park is and they will help you right away. Please note that the zipline station is way out of Lake Sebu town proper, thus you need to travel around 5 – 6 kilometers more deep into the tropical rainforest. It’s actually near Lake Seluton a much smaller lake like Lake Lahit but the body of water is not evident from this side. If you haven’t brought your car, there is a pimped motorcycle or locally known as ‘habal habal’ to hire. From town proper, use your expertise in haggling as you’ll only pay around PHP 25 to PHP 50 and voila! He will gladly drop you at the arched where the Seven Waterfalls Park is located. Just don’t forget to get the mobile number of the driver just in case you wanted to be picked up right after your tour as no jeep and tricycle available here.

Where is Papa, Ma? hehehehe... Are you worried that your sons and daughter will take the zip huh? hehehe
There is an entry fee for only PHP 25 for adult and PHP 5 for kids. This contribution is for the maintenance of the park and in helping to beautify the surroundings. Just an easy 5-minute walk from the parking lot, the ‘passage falls’ or locally known in T’boli as Hikong Alu greeted us right away. What a beautiful sight really.
My brother Joy and sister Ging Ging waiting for their turn. They are already ready... ammmppnessss!!!
I recommend before you take the breathtaking zipline ride go straight and visit the ‘passage falls’ first to enjoy it’s majestic beauty. This is only the 1st and there is more to enjoy right after the zip. I assure you, you’ll be amazed by its cascading beauty engulf by lush greeneries. Its size is around 15 meters high and 3 meters wide with an astonishing view that is hard to forget. You can take a dip here as well if you want just make sure you know how to swim as I don’t know how deep this river be (ahahaha!).

Are you ready guys? Good luck!!! Enjoy (hehehehe!)
And now the waiting is over, just a few meters away from Hikong Alu, the booth of Lake Sebu zipline can be found. It is named as the highest zipline in Southeast Asia but I don’t know which to believe because when we went to Sentosa Island in Singapore, the MegaZip from Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach claims that recognition too (whew!!!!). You know what? Whoever got the nods of that acknowledgement, it doesn’t matter to me personally because I just want to get over this and hope that my fear of heights won’t trigger (ahahaha!).

Hey baby, why are you in there???? it's not our turn yet (ahahaha!!!). So excited huh???
You need to register your name first and there is a waiver form to fill: Importantly, don’t forget your signature (ahahaha!). The price is only PHP 250 per person and you can ask for a professional photographer to take a photo of you as souvenir during the trip. You’ll pay an additional PHP 100 per 2 shots for the first league and another PHP 100 for the second league. You can redeem it right away in the next station, if you want a soft copy then, don’t forget to bring your memory card.

Was just hoping that i am doing the right choice (ahahahaha!)
After the registration, there are so many ‘what if’s’ that keeps on running in my head. Like: ‘what if the cable will break’ or ‘what if we will stuck in the middle’ (ahahaha!). Please don’t get me wrong, am just considering about the ‘possibilities’ that will accidentally happen you know (ahahaha!). Most of the tourist here seems relax and here I am trying to control my fear (ahahaha!). I feel like I need to go to the toilet to pee (ahahaha!).

That's my brother and Ging Ging doing their first dive to the 1st station (hehehe!)
Ging Ging and my brother is already in the platform and very much excited while waiting for their turn. I look at Balong and he feels the same way too while here I am trying to regulate the shivering I feel (inhale exhale ~ ahahaha!).

Checking Mama and Papa one last time before the first league.....Actually i told them 'ILOVEYOU' (ahahahaha!)
It’s a two-way zip league actually and this is the first one to crack. I spoke to Mama and Papa if they are interested to try but a definite ‘BIG NO’ is what I’ve got (ahahaha!). You can go solo if you’re brave enough but personally, nah!!! I prefer to go with Balong, no (ahahaha!). One of the staff explained that the length of the first league is about 750 meters and in less than a minute we will be in the first station. I don’t know how long is that 750 meters be, but my concern really is to end this once and for all (ahahaha!). What’s boggling me: my mind is afraid doing it but my heart is excited to try (come on!!!!!). Who should I depend too? My heart or my head: no more turning back since we already paid the whole package (ahahaha!).
Ging Ging took this pic during our landing in the first station. (thanks Sister!!!)

Balong and I in zigzag and booth falls viewing deck.
Right after the first trip of Ging Ging and Joy Joy, now it’s our turn to be in the platform. One of the in-charge helps us wear this ‘dark red and rough overall suit’. They gave us helmets too and advices to keep our loose items like wallets, necklaces and bracelets in safe pockets. I heard and understand him clearly but when he laid us for the start of the zip I can sense that my face turn red (ahahaha!).

The stunning beauty of Hikong B'lebed and Hikong Lowig.
Balong told me to get ready the camera and turn it into video so that we can record everything that we’ve been too. And when the staff counted 1, 2, 3, and push us real hard, there you go our exhilarating journey starts (ahahaha!). I keep on shouting at first, but it turn out to be a lot of fun you know (ahahaha!!!!!). Lots of thrills I may say but yet very exciting while seeing the pictographic view of the place. On the first 3 seconds, I admit that I was afraid but to see the beauty that surrounds the place it turn out just fine, actually it was great to be exact! (ahahaha!).

Naks!!! Getting ready for the second dive. I was instructing Balong that we will do a Superman dive (ahahaha!)
The gorgeous beauty of the 2nd waterfall of Hikong Bente proudly exhibits its exquisiteness from the top. It is a bit bizarre that we passed through horizons but we enjoyed it big time! The sight of houses and locals from below seems dwarfed from above (ahahaha!). It’s one of the best feeling ever; believe me (ahahaha!). It offers you the scenic view of the surroundings plus the stunning beauty of the waterfalls.

Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaanessss!!!!! enjoy the trip guys!!!!

Just in the midst of our first league, Hikong B’lebed (3rd waterfall) meaning coil or zigzag falls’ and Hikong Lowig (4th waterfall) meaning booth falls’ appears in our very own eyes.  It’s like we’re in a 10 star nature landscape (whatever would that be!) complete with perfect weather, and perfect environment (ahahaha!). It’s a amazing to be a bird for some time you know, freely flying over the canopies and have that bird’s eye view of the environment (ilusyon much!!! ~ ahahaha!).

Left Pic: Getting ready for the second league. Right Pic:  taken on top of the canopies (hehehe!)
It was only less than a minute ride but it feels like more than that (ahahaha!).  It’s absolutely a breathtaking experience that is hard to forget.  I even forgot that I am afraid of heights you know (ahahaha!).

End of the second dive. Beware only for authorized personnel (hehehehe!)

While waiting for our pic to be copied, i ask Balong to pose in front of Hikong Bente, the 2nd waterfall meaning 'Immeasurable'.
Right after we did the 1st trip, the second league is just a piece of cake (ahahaha!). It’s a bit shorter since it is only 420 meters long but the same exhilarating trip. What’s great about this, you can actually touch the leaves on top of the trees and feels like I was Peterpan for a few seconds sans the magic dust (ahahaha!). It’s one of the best experiences that fulfill our day in Lake Sebu.

My brother seems happy while looking at our pics (hehehehe!).
We waited for our picture to be developed and it was enormously beautiful!!!!? Hikong Bente is the background of our first league and the second trip is simply the richness of tropical rainforest in Lake Sebu. Thanks God because the government is helping in protecting the environment here. Hope this will continue for the next generation to come.

I definitely feel gutted if I haven’t tried this (hehehehe!!!)……

This is what we got!!!!!! Thanks Lake Sebu for a breathtaking experience!!!!
So there you go….. Undeniably, Lake Sebu zipline is the best zipline we have ever been to. It’s cheap as it is only PHP 250 for two rides plus the view that surrounds the area specially the three waterfalls is just PRICELESS!!!! If you visit South Cotabato then put Lake Sebu on your travel list as it will transport you straight to the profound natural tropical rainforest. This is the real definition of the word ‘nature

We will be back that is for sure.....

Have a great day and night everyone…


Enan signing off.



Here is the clip of our first league...

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